embroidered crests, logos, patches, shoulder flashes, & direct embroidery for the police, firefighting, Canadian military, martial arts, and more
embroidered crests, logos, patches, shoulder flashes, & direct embroidery for the police, firefighting, Canadian military, martial arts, and more
Service, thread, and backing options for custom crest, patch, & logo embroidery

Service, thread, and backing options:

Design Service

Need a new design? Need to show a design to your committee for approval before ordering? Give us your sample, sketch, or even notes of what you have in mind, and let our talented designers come up with a design for your approval. And the design service is free with your order.

Production / Duplication

Already have a finished design or embroidered item? Send us a scan or photocopy, or actual sample if possible, of your design or embroidered item and tell us the quantity you need and when you need it. We'll manufacture duplicates of the same or better quality.


Similar to Duplication, except that our experienced designers will analyze your sample and recommend improvements for greater readability, impact, style, and clarity. If you'd like to see these improvements in a finished design, we'll rework your design and send you the results for your approval. This service is free with your order.

Subcontract Embroidery Services (for other manufacturers)

Have a large order and can't schedule enough embroidery machines fast enough? Send us your sample or stitch file(s) and tell us how many you need and when. Finished samples provided for your approval before production. Please contact us regarding availability.

Thread Options

It often only takes four or five colours to make a great-looking, colourful design. However, we offer up to nine colours at no additional cost, and up to a maximum of 15 colours in a single design for a very small surcharge per colour over nine. We also offer premium options (additional charges apply): metallic thread in silver or gold, as well as other metallic colours, and fluorescent ("neon") colours. If you want to look into these special threads, just let us know where in your design you're thinking of using them. We'll let you know your total price before & after the addition of the special thread so you can easily decide if you'd like to do the upgrade.

Edge Options

The edges of your crests will be treated to prevent them from unravelling or fraying. There are two different ways to do this, and either one is included with your crest order at no extra charge.
Merrow: A continuous sequence of stitches that wraps around the edge to bind and protect it.   View merrow sample
Laser-cut: A laser cuts the cloth and fuses the fibres, and a line of top stitching firms up the edge.   View laser sample
Which to choose: The merrow gives the crest a more pronounced, framed-looking edge, and is normally used with professional crests such as those for the police and fire industries, and business logos. The laser process gives the crest a flatter, more subtle edge, and is preferred when the edge of the crest is intended to blend more with the garment it's affixed to. If the edge of your crest has any angles less than 90 degrees, or any narrow inlets, then laser-cut is your only option, because the merrow machine can't fit into tight corners or inlets.

Backing Options

There are several options for the backside of your crest or logo, including ways to prevent it from wrinkling or puckering, and various ways of attaching it to your garments or other locations.

Buckram: A minimal backing, included in all our crests. The easiest backing to sew through. This is usually the only backing required for small items (under three inches in diameter) that are to be sewn on to clothing.

PVC: A thin plastic layer bonded to the back of the crest to stiffen it and help prevent wrinkling, puckering, or distortion. A good idea for crests over three inches in size, or crests that will be applied to uniforms or work clothes. This helps the crest hold its shape through years of rough use and washing. And with larger crests, it also guarantees that the crest won't shift off square while being sewn on.
NOTE to firefighters: We advise against the use of PVC backing in the firefighting industry, for two reasons: the exposure to high heat can warp the crest, and (more importantly!) the PVC may transmit heat to the wearer's skin.

A stiff, fibrous material that does the same job as the PVC option. Being thicker than the PVC, it can make smaller crests seem "chunky", but it is also easier to sew through. This can be a significant factor when one person will be sewing on a lot of crests at once, by hand.

Your crests can be made as "peel & stick" so you can just peel them off their wax paper and stick them wherever you want. This should be considered temporary and not a long-term solution. In fact you can peel it off and again stick in onto a different garment for a different event. A hot iron will make it last a little longer, but if you want it to stay in place, choose a heat-seal backing or sew them on.

Heat Seal:
Heat seal backing looks like a smooth plastic layer on the back of the crest, but it's actually a type of hot-melt glue. It's designed to be applied with a heat press. It can also be applied with an iron, but it won't last as long as using a heat press. Some people choose to iron their crests on quickly to get them ready for an event, and then sew the edges down later when time allows. (Note: the heat seal backing is somewhat difficult to sew through by hand, but not bad if you're only doing a few.)

Velcro (hook and loop) backing is available to allow crests to be removed or swapped. The harder "hook" side is the crest's backing material (and as a bonus, also acts like the PVC or Fibercloth options - see above), and the softer "loop" side is for sewing onto the garment. This is most often used in situations where different crests are worn by different people (such as on a fire truck where a firefighter is assigned a duty for that particular fire)
or by the same person on different clothing (such as a service person who may wear the same crest on a different coat as the seasons change). Additional loop sides that match your crest are inexpensive when ordered with your crests. Velcro crests should be removed before laundering as the hook material is not designed for frequent exposure to high temperatures and strong detergents.

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