Karate patch, any martial art patch; judo logo, jiu jitso logo, any martial art logo, custom made in Canada.
embroidered crests, logos, patches, shoulder flashes, epaulettes, and caps for the police, firefighting, Canadian military, martial arts, and more
Karate patch, any martial art patch; judo logo, jiu jitso logo, any martial art logo.
Karate patch, any martial art patch; judo logo, jiu jitso logo, any martial art logo.

Martial Arts patches, logos, crests, and embroidery

Sample martial arts patchThough different in style and origin, many of the Martial Arts share some very similar underlying philosophies - including the preference of humility to pride. Nevertheless, how can one help but feel at least a small amount of personal satisfaction after accomplishing a new level of ability and understanding? How then to proudly show your feelings, while avoiding the statements and actions that make pride undesirable? Subtlety. And what better way than by wearing a subtle embroidered martial arts patch that can speak of your accomplishments while you remain silent.

Custom embroidered martial arts patches, logos, and crests by Canada's custom embroidery experts. Whether you are looking for a Karate patch, Judo logo, Jiu Jitsu logo, or even a stylized dragon patch, Pro Image Crest can help you design your martial art patch or Sample martial arts logo crestlogo and have it manufactured to the highest quality standards. Precise stitching and sharp colours that stand up to rough wear and laundering - that's only our starting point. If you don't have a martial art logo yet, let's work together to come up with a design that includes the text and graphic elements that clearly state your message, with the level of style and impact you feel is appropriate. We'll take any sketches, drawings, photos, descriptions, and ideas you can give us, and work up some designs for you to look over. Tell us what you'd like changed, and we'll work until we have a design you really like. This service is free with your order of 50 pieces or more. For more information on this service, see "Design Service" on our Embroidery Options page.

Already have your martial arts patch, or a finished design? Let us optimize your existing design for maximum clarity and readability while preserving or increasing its visual impact. For example, look at the Comparison of martial arts crest designs
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two crests at the left of this paragraph (click them for a larger image). The crest on the left is a nice-looking four-colour crest with decent visual appeal; but the obscure font of the red text and the yellow strokes behind it make it hard to read unless you're "up close and personal". Now look at the crest on the right. It's clean, crisp, easy to read - even though it has more text - and has immediate impact. And usually you don't have to make any drastic changes to your crest to improve its design quality; often a subtle change will yield dramatic results. Our team combines graphic design artistry with marketing skills, so let's give them your current martial arts patch or logo and see if they'd suggest any changes. This service is free with your order of 50 pieces or more - it's our pleasure to support the Martial Arts. The only cost to you will be the time you spend looking over the suggested design update and deciding whether to approve it as is or request any changes. And you're free to make changes until you do like it, so you can try out all your ideas - even silver or gold metallic thread.

Youth's martial arts patchIf you don't have time to look over and approve a design update, no problem - just fax or e-mail us a colour scan or photo of your existing martial arts logo or patch and we'll instantly give you a free price quote on making exact duplicates.

See our Embroidery Options page for information on thread and backing options and free design service options.

"We make you look good"
We value good workmanship and customer service. And we guarantee not just the price, but high quality embroidery and timely delivery as well. You'll be glad you chose Pro Image Crest, Canada's custom embroidery experts.

If you're ready to see some pricing for your next order of karate patches, judo logos, ju jitsu logos, or any other martial arts patch or logo embroidery, click "Get Prices" and use the convenient form to tell us what you need. Feel free to use the Comments area if you have any comments or questions. We're happy to answer all your questions and discuss any details of our military embroidery. No pressure or obligation, just free info! We're here to to help you get what you need. And if you do decide to get it from us, you'll get a quality product, a great price, and outstanding service.
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