Custom Slip-On Epaulettes
embroidered crests, logos, patches, shoulder flashes, epaulettes, and caps for the police, firefighting, Canadian military, martial arts, and more
Slip-On Epaulettes
Custom slip-on epaulettes

Slip-On Epaulettes

Custom slip-on epaulettesOne of the most important details that makes a uniform immediately recognizable, identifies its wearer as a member of a crew, and within Custom slip-on epaulettes
Any multi-colour custom design
can be embroidered onto your
that crew identifies his/her rank, is the epaulette. The most commonly used style of epaulette is the "slip-on" or "shoulder slide," used by the military, police, firefighters, cruise ships and tour boats, and other groups that use a decorated uniform to distinguish themselves.

Custom slip-on epaulettes by Canada 's custom embroidery experts.
Custom epaulettes by Pro Image Crest are among finest quality available. Sturdy fabric, exact dimensions, precise stitching, bright colours and a tough finish are only our starting point. Beyond the standard stripes and numbering, we can custom embroider your epaulettes with just about any design you can think of. Custom slip-on epaulettesIf you’re considering replacing your exiting epaulettes, or are outfitting a new crew or department, why not let us work with you to rev up the style of your new epaulettes and add more impact to your uniform. This service is free with your order. And you're free to make changes until you like the design, so you can try out all your ideas - even experiment with metallic thread colours or other style options.

If you're unable to look over and approve a new design or update, no problem -- just fax or e-mail us a scan or photo of your existing epaulette and we'll give you a free price quote on making exact duplicates.Custom slip-on epaulettes

See our Embroidery Options page for information on thread and backing options and free design service options.

We take pride in our workmanship and in our customer service, and we triple guarantee your satisfaction: you'll get premium quality, the best price in Canada, and your order will be delivered on time. You'll be glad you chose Pro Image Crest, Canada's custom embroidery experts. "We make you look good."

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